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Things You Might Read On An SEIV Bumper Sticker

Special thanks to the people who contributed to this list over on the Shrapnel Forum.

Compiled by Atrocities.

1."I break to play Space Empires."
2. "On my way to buy a new Mouse."
3. "If your close enough to read this, then my cruise just obliterated your escort."
4. "All of your bases belong to us!"
5. "I demand that you leave this system!"
6. "Life is over rated, buy SE V."
7. "I am the ruler of the known universe!"
8. "This vehicle is equipped with Phased Poloron Beams."
9. "I have no armor, no shields, and no weapons, but one hell of a Kamikaze war head, so get the hell out of my way!"
10. "Everyone one else is playing, so why not you?"
11. My empire can beat up your empire.
12. This ship is equipped with shields.
13. My strategy is set for 'Optimum Firing Range'
14. You will become part of a greater whole.
15. Watch out for strange warp points!
16. Krill are crunchy, even in milk.
17. The best car is the one that uses up the most resources.
18 Happiness is a well-used Talisman
19 My Empire is Bigger than Your Empire
20 Malfador is my Co-Pilot
21 I'd rather be Play By Webbing
22 My other car has a Quantum Reactor
23 I have never played a game with Intelligence in my entire life
24 Baseships are Best!
25 Caution it's been 3 days since my last PBW Turn
26 Happiness is a successful planetary assault
27. Beware of Strange Warp Points
28. This vehicle has no right click
29. My Armor is leaky
30. My Shields are leaky
31. All my battles are turn-based
27. 27 is a copy of 15... *pulls out an Anti-Proton beam pistol* Bad! *ZAP*
29. "I Break to recharge my Anti Proton Beams."
30. "SE4, Just One More Turn!"
31. "My other Car is a Terran Baseship"
32. “Petroleum Planets are best”
33. "If you can read this, brace for impact"
34. Plague happens.
35. Honk if you like my WMG.
36. My other vehicle's a Baseship.
37. Warship makes frequent glass.
38. Real pilots use Quantum Engines.
39. Self-destruct device inside!
40. Erratic behavior caused by A.I.
41. "There is no victory in destroying an empire to win a war. But ending a battle to save an empire is no defeat."
42. My Empire Conquered Your Honor Student
43. Honk If You Love Phong
44. So Many Xiati, So Little Time
45. Modder On Board
46. My parents glassed your homeworld, and all I got was this lousy bumper sticker
47. Interplanetary Destruction, Now In 3D
45. I mod
46. Ship Set King
47. That’s not an exhaust port your looking at.
48. I'm a Red Neck Emperor.
49. I live by the E.R.A.S.E.
50. I'm Addicted to Space Empires.
51. Warp 5.5 Saves Lives
52. You Goanna Eat That Neutral Empire?
53. Back Off, Or I'll Mine Your Warp Point
54. Containment Breach! Warp Core Implosion In. No, Wait, Just Out Of Gas
55. SEV: All The Beacons Of Our World Are Lit In Celebration
56. Outlaw Planetary Biological Weapons, And Only Outlaws Will Have Them
57. We Conquer More Planets Before 9AM Than Most People Do All Day
58. Black Holes Suck
59. Give Peace A Chance, Then Glass Their Planet
60. "Beer planets are the best!"
61. "No one expects the Cluk-Ruk Inquisition!"
62. "In turn-based space, no one can dodge your ram!"
63. We Gave Peace A Chance; It Just Sat There And Didn't Conquer Anything
64. Aliens Make Great Subjugated Pets
65. Ha Ha, You're From An Ice Planet
66. You Call This Global Warming? Wait Until My Fleet Arrives...
67. From The Ashes Of Your Civilization Shall Rise, Well, Smoke, Mostly
68. Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, And They Carry Troops
70. SE IV - Sleep is for the weak.
71. If you can read this, you better have a security station.
72. The rest of the fleet is cloaked. I'm a decoy.
73. The temporal distortion you're seeing means I'm home already.
74. I can't drive Warp 5.5
75. The end of the world is near, the EEE have been spotted.
74. If you can read this, my fighters are already behind you.
75. If they come in peace make them slaves
76. Xeno's are not to be trusted
77. Member of PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Aliens)
78. Universal Conqueror on Board
79. My Battleship is bigger than yours.
80. Member of PBW
81. This vehicle designed by Atrocities
82. Ancient Treaty stipulates that this road belongs to me!"
83. 7-11 planets are the best.
84. I come from Sol III A.
85. Bad Event About To Happen
86. I'm an Evil Fascist Xenophobic Dictator on a bad day.... Sure you want to Overtake?
87. Go ahead and hit me, I have organic armor.
88. I can tell by how you drive, you're playing with Intel off.

Compiled by Atrocities.

Copyright © by the author, posted with permission.

Published on: 2005-03-31 (3078 reads)

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